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Shop worry free. If you’re unsatisfied with your mattress you may return it for a FULL REFUND no questions asked.

Custom Mattresses

We produce custom memory foam mattresses to fit your needs. Whether its for boats and rv’s or antique furniture we can create a mattress that meets your specifications.


Our memory foam mattresses are available for any custom job you. Simply pick one of our mattress styles and contact our offices for pricing information.


RV Queen memory foam mattress. This is the most common mattress for use in RV’s. The RV Queen memory foam mattress is modeled after our 10” Deluxe mattress and has a medium feel. A free removable cover is included with this mattress.

RV Queen Memory foam Mattress  60” x 74” x 10”


USA Guarantee

 Every material that we use , including our memory foam , is made right here in The United States of America. We are proud to state that our products are 100% made in America. Many companies claim made in the USA, but they get their mateirals from other countries.

Shop with confidence knowing that your buying authentic American made products.

Every Mattress Includes

  • 90 night money back guarantee
  • 20 year prorated warranty
  • NASA invented pure 100% memory foam
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • State of the art Cool Touch cover (removable)
  • Advanced open cell technology
  • Highest quality BASF memory foam material

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