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Shop worry free. If you’re unsatisfied with your mattress you may return it for a FULL REFUND no questions asked.

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USA Guarantee

 Every material that we use , including our memory foam , is made right here in The United States of America. We are proud to state that our products are 100% made in America. Many companies claim made in the USA, but they get their mateirals from other countries.

Shop with confidence knowing that your buying authentic American made products.

  • What is your return policy?

Try our products risk free in your home for 90 days! Many companies offer a similar policy and then charge restocking fees , processing fees , and just about any else they can think of. We want our customers to know that our risk free return policy isn’t 10 pages long its just one simple sentence.

If you’re unsatisfied with your mattress for any reason simply return it within 90 days for a full refund , minus the return shipping and handling.

Our risk free return policy only pertains to our memory foam mattresses. None of our other memory foam products may be returned unless they are unopened.

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  • Where are your materials manufactured?

You can find our USA guarantee in the upper right hand corner of every page on our website. We are proud to bring our customers 100% USA made foam. As memory foam products have grown in popularity many companies have begun selling them. The memory foam market has been flooded with poor quality and untested memory foam that comes from overseas. All of our memory foam and other materials we use are manufactured in the USA. Beware of companies only saying Made in the USA as a way around telling you where their foam comes from.

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  • How does your mattress compare to ones I’ve seen in stores

The memory foam mattresses on our website are all made by our company. Our memory foam beds are considered generic equivalents of the name brands. This means we use the same materials and construction as the name brand and are able to bring you the same quality at a lower price. We also carry many of the name brand mattresses you see in stores. As our memory foam beds have grown in popularity with our local customer base we decided to launch a website that prominently features our memory foam products at the same great prices our local customs have enjoyed for years.

Our memory foam mattresses are also backed by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty , just like the name brands you’re familiar with!

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  • How are you able to change the style of your mattresses?

Our memory foam beds are available in three different style: firm , medium and plush. There are two ways that we adjust the feel of our memory foam mattresses. The first is by changing the ILD rating. The ILD rating is separate of the density rating. The ILD rating determines how much weight is necessary to compress the foam. Our firm bed uses higher ILD ratings which need more weight to be compressed and our plush bed will use lower ILD so that it requires less weight to compress the mattress. Our second option is to adjust the base foam in our mattresses. We work with several types of foam bases. If a customer wants a bed to be firm but with a soft top we will use a thicker harder base foam to achieve this. The same is true for a plush mattress , we will use a thinner base foam or a thick base foam with lower ILD ratings. The most important thing however, it that all of our foam is open cell so every design we produce will be cool , comofortable and long lasting.

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  • What delivery options do you offer?

We use a variety of shipping companies including our own when delivering our products. Our most common delivery companies are UPS and FedEx. For local deliveries we will use our own trucking company. For deliveries of larger items such as adjustable beds or furniture we use a freight company such as AAA Cooper and Old Dominion truck lines.

Shipping and handling within the continental USA is free. We do offer shipping to Alaska , Hawaii , and Puerto Rico with a surcharge. Please contact us for more information about shipping outside of the continental USA. Rates are usually between $120 - $280.


  • Which density is best for me?

While viewing our memory foam mattresses you will see that some of our models are available in either a 4.o lbs or 5.3lbs density. Our reason for doing this is to bring our customers the options they need to purchase the mattress that is right for them. A density of 4.0 lbs is perfect for most people. We normally recommend a 4.0 lbs density as an introductory to memory foam , The 5.3 lbs density is usually reserved for customers experiencing consistent aches and are looking for the maximum relief. The 5.3 lbs density tends to have more of a gooey feel and place less pressure against your body for a very soothing and comforting feel.

Everyone’s body and circumstances are different. If you need any help choosing your density or mattress style please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • How long will my mattress last?

Our memory foam mattresses will last on average between 10 - 15 years. Many companies will state a lifetime warranty or 20 years of full coverage and this just isn’t believable. We offer a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty that protects you from defects in materials or workmanship , essentially to ensure that you don’t get a “lemon”.

Our memory foam mattress life span is based on normal use with sleepers on an average body weight. Increased body weight or increased use of the mattress other than time normally spent sleeping with decrease the mattress life span.

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  • Can I use my current box spring with your mattress?

This is a very common question for us. Yes, you can use your box springs with our mattresses , but they may need an upgrade. Memory foam mattresses perform best on a firm surface. If you question the firmness of your box springs then simply add plywood over them to create a firm flat surface.

Our memory foam beds can also be used on bed frames with slats ( the slates must be no more than 6” apart), on bunk bed frames , waterbed furniture , murphey beds , and adjustable beds.

We do sell memory foam mattress foundations in case you need to purchase them. Many of our customers will use their exsisting set up or purchase one locally.

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  • Do you offer a military discount?

Yes , we do offer a military discount. Whether you’re active our not we have special discounts for anyone that serves our country including those in law enforcement and the police department. Please ask our sales staff about the current military discount rate.

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  • Why should I choose your company?

We want to bring the comfort and support of memory foam beds to anyone who needs. Our memory foam beds are sold at reasonable prices compared to name brands and we match their quality. Many companies in our position would simply sell products through a retail store which causes the higher prices you normally see. We choose to manufacture and sell direct to our customers to bring you the best prices on the highest quality products.

Our memory foam mattresses are backed by a 60 day risk free return policy. We welcome you’re try our memory foam products for a full 60 days and if your not satisfied return them for a full refund.

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