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What is the Sutera Dream Deep Pillow?

This pillow is the flagship item of Sutera, a home goods company that sells bed and bath items. Its other products include silk sleep masks, bath towels, aromatherapy, and luxury hair products.

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Sutera’s Dream Deep Pillow made resting on my back blissful, but it left a lot to be desired for stomach sleeping.

Made of firm-yet-breathable memory foam, the Dream Deep Pillow is designed to help you sleep more comfortably by molding to fit your head and improving your spinal alignment. Different sleeping positions often require pillows of different firmnesses for maximum support and comfort—at Reviewed, we make recommendations to suit your preferred sleep position for this reason. The Dream Deep Pillow aims to be a one-size-fits-all solution for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers alike.

One of the pillow’s main features is its contoured edges, which the company dubs its “butterfly” design. Notches at the side of the pillow create small pockets of space that allow you to snuggle the pillow as you drift off without causing circulation problems for your arms. Back sleepers can tuck one arm under the pillow using one of the contoured rests; side sleepers can hug the edges. The pillow also has a slight dip at its center which creates a nook for your head.

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The pillow made back sleeping more comfortable

I am a natural stomach sleeper, but I experimented with different sleeping positions to test the Dream Deep Pillow. It made resting on my back noticeably more comfortable, thanks to the dip in the center of the pillow. That contouring held my head and neck in place, and made me feel supported in a way standard pillows do not. I didn’t feel as if my head was lolling to one side or the other, which often happens as I drift off in this position

It has a good level of firmness.

I thought the Dream Deep Pillow’s memory foam material struck a nice balance between cushy and supportive: It feels soft enough to make me rest comfortably, but firm enough to provide support. Much like Baby Bear’s bed, it felt just right.

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Sutera Pillow Features

  • ✅ Provides support for back sleeping
  • ✅ Sleeps cool
  • ✅ The pillow made back sleeping more comfortable
  • ✅ It has a good level of firmness
  • ✅ It provides cooling support

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    People Are Raving About These Sutera Pillow...

    “The Sutera’s memory foam conforms closely to the head and neck, cradling them to help relieve pressure and support the spine. This conforming is similar to that of other memory foam models.”

    Kendra Lewis | Chicago, Illinois

    “While a sleeper can’t bunch or manipulate the Sutera as they would a down or down alternative pillow, the Sutera’s memory foam should naturally mold to the shape of their head and neck. This helps relieve pressure, but it doesn’t allow sleepers to control the shape of the pillow based on personal preferences.”

    Gina Collins| Seattle, Washington

    “Unlike down and down alternative pillows, there is no need to fluff a memory foam pillow like the Sutera to refresh its shape. The memory foam will compress under the sleeper’s head and neck and then return to its original shape when the weight is removed. While lasting indentations could form over time, these shouldn’t be severe”

    George Lee | New York, New York.

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    Is the Sutera Dream Deep Pillow worth it?

    Several key factors typically matter most when it comes to pillow performance. Durability, shape retention, conforming, and temperature control can all impact the comfort and usability of a model. The Sutera Pillow performs well overall. Our testers found its strengths to be shape retention and conforming. Since the Sutera gets its support from a solid piece of memory foam, it responds to the weight and heat of a sleeper’s head and neck to conform to their unique shape. Once the sleeper moves, the memory foam should return to its original form.